What is Genuine Hospitality?

Almost every service-centric business has tried to answer this very important question. Companies that desire to stand out from the competition and excel at giving their clients an experience that is characterized by genuine hospitality have designed their training manuals, standard operating procedures and trouble-shooting strategies with this in mind. This is true, assuming they are striving to be a world-class organization. I believe that genuine hospitality is at its heart a simple idea yet I also admit that it is a profound idea or at least its affect can be profound. Genuine hospitality is simple and profound, and unfortunately I also believe it is a rare attribute, and might I say, the missing jewel, in the daily operations and normal work routines of many organizations today. Who am I to talk or write about genuine hospitality? Obviously, I am the author of this blog but more importantly I have made much of my 25-year career in Hospitality (restaurant and hotel) from searching and striving for the colors and fabric of this rare and precious jewel.

I am definitely not saying that I achieved genuine hospitality 100% of the time. But once I saw it's value I definitely pursued it and strived to find it, own it and incorporate it into my culture and into my management style. As time went on and I grew from my experiences it became easier to spot the faux jewels or imposters. In my next blog I will talk more about this critical element because I sincerely believe that genuine hospitality (and the lack thereof) is one of the greatest contributors to an organization's ability to succeed or fail. Thank you for reading this my first blog!

I don't want to narrowly define this blog and website because I plan to talk about a wide variety of issues and share many different stories and experiences. In some blogs I will simply share stories from my personal and professional experiences. Other blogs will be about subjects or topics that have become important to this author. I also plan to share stories and (hopefully) helpful details and information about certain travel destinations that I have had the privilege to visit and enjoy. You have probably already noticed that this website is also a retail platform. Please take time to browse my shop (this is where you will find my photography that has been converted into custom canvas and metal art). Please let me know if you have any questions that I can answer. Thank you and I warmly invite you to return soon. -Matt

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