The Real Deal (What is Genuine Hospitality Part II)

I am sure that most of you can remember a personal customer service experience that was on the surface polite and efficient yet still left you feeling unimpressed or at least not convinced that the service you had received or experienced was in fact authentic, sincere or genuine. A service provider can say all the right things (be knowledgeable and informative) and do all the right things (take the actions necessary to provide the product or complete the transaction) but this does not guarantee an exceptional service experience nor does it mean that they gave the customer an experience characterized by genuine hospitality. There is an intangible, and might I say even magical, quality that must accompany every customer service experience in order to achieve genuine hospitality or truly exceptional service. What is this mysterious element? I really don't think its possible to answer this question or summarize the answer in only one word. But if I had to choose one word to represent "genuine hospitality" I would have to say "heart". The one major difference between faux and genuine service/hospitality is if the heart of the service provider is in the ON position and therefore engaged. If the heart is truly engaged then suddenly the service transaction takes on a new dimension and it is transformed into what can be a meaningful and often unique experience that becomes memorable and sometimes even unforgettable for the customer. Once the heart is engaged and in the ON position it's almost like opening a dam which then allows more valuable intangibles to flow. These intangible (yet very important and valuable) qualities are: creativity, passion, positive energy, persistence, teamwork, and genuine warmth & friendliness. I am sure you can add many more attributes to this list. But do you agree with me that all of these qualities flow from the heart and if the heart is OFF then these amazing qualities will

be missing from the experience? And if the heart is ON then, as they say, isn't the SKY the limit?

Thank you for being here. I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Whatever you do, do it with all of your heart! Be exceptional! -Matt

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